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Setting for a special day.


September and October have been two months of clearing and finishing projects  that were needing that attention.

This lovely Early American Pattern Limoges tea set was a precious tea set that has been in my china cabinet for many years, about 20 to be exact.  I decided it needed a new momma to enjoy it.  It is available on my etsy site to purchase along with other delightful items. I hope you will take a moment and check us out.  it is in excellent condition. The china is translucent which is the sign of lovely quality.  Anyone for Tea today?



The next project I needed to finish were my dolls that were packed away  ever so carefully in special tissue but now needed sorting and some wonderful new clothing. A bit of this and that.  Nancy an Arranbee 15″ doll in her new pink wool coat and hat was a joy to dress up.  Her antique dress o me to need a special coat and hat.  If you want to be her new momma she is also available on my etsy site.

Also Annabelle with her darling hat and jumper is a special love and endearing project.  She is 19″ tall and also an Arranbee doll.  Still a special love is Isabelle that is a Armand Marseille doll that to me is very dear and also looking for a very special new momma.


All this has made for a very busy  two months but, oh so much fun.  I don’t think I ever got over loving beautiful dolls.   I hope you enjoy looking at these babies and my labor of pure joy.