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Spelt Bread Recipe Made In Bread maker.

Sweet Rice Flour and Bread Flour loaf.

Sweet Rice Flour and Bread Flour loaf.

Sweet Rice and Bread Flour Loaf.

I tried the same recipe below except with one cup of sweet rice flour and 3 cups of bread flour and also got a nice loaf of bread to enjoy.

Spelt Bread Loaf

Spelt Bread Loaf


Spelt Bread Slice

Spelt Bread Slice

The thought of making Spelt bread in my bread maker was something I really wanted to do but recipes that I found didn’t turn out well and some blogs even suggested this kind of bread isn’t made in bread machines.  However, I did eventually find one blog where the person divided spelt flour with bread flour.  I decided that might also be a perfect solution for me along with a couple other additions of my own.  So off to the kitchen I went with my head buzzing in enthusiastic excitement about trying out my recipe and adding the additional touches not used before in my white bread.  Now, I was ready to give it all a whirl with nothing to lose except a terrible loaf of bread if it all failed. But as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And so, here goes…

1 1/2 c. warm or room temperature water

4 Tbsp. dry milk

4 Tbsp. Sunflower of Safflower Oil

3 1/2Tbsp. Sugar   (I used white sugar)

2 tsp salt ( salt is my health challenge so I actually used only 1 tsp Mortons Salt Balance)

1 tsp sunflower lecithin (healthy and helps to preserve the bread)

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

2 cups Spelt Flour  ( I used Red Mill)

2 cups white bread flour

After placing all these ingredients in my bread maker I made a small pond in the center of the flours in which to place 11/2  TSP of powdered bread Dry Yeast

Now with all the ingredients in my  SKG bread maker added in the order listed I was ready to use the same settings I used for my white bread and set my settings to a 2lb loaf and I like the dark color setting and then viola pushing …  START.   3 hrs. later I had this beautiful light fluffy golden colored loaf of healthy spelt bread.  It worked!

This is of course is not gluten free bread but since gluten isn’t a problem for us this recipe works beautifully and since half of the flour is Spelt it is certainly a less gluten bread recipe than one made with all white bread flour.

My family really enjoys our own bread made at home and now this recipe gives us a new more healthy bread that we really love.   The taste of this bread is also really lovely and makes great sandwiches.

SKG bread maker 4 minutes to go!

SKG bread maker 4 minutes to go