My World Today.

Wonderful doll auction book.


Years ago, I started to embroider this quilt but when life became busy it was set aside for another day. Last Christmas seemed to be that day when I decided to finish and send it to my son as a Christmas present.  An embroidered lap quilt is a fun project but be prepared to spend lots of time on it unless you do much faster embroidery than I.  I admit to being a bit slow.

Today I am working on two new designs that will involve winter scene squares.   While right now looking out my window at the fall colors embellishing all the trees I can envision later curling up under a warm quilt on a snowy day.  Or even better those we love curled up in a quilt made just for them.

Over the holidays I decided to create a roman shade that worked from the bottom up.  Our sunlight comes in from the top of our windows and so I wanted to enjoy the sun in the room during the day time.

my roman shade 2

I purchase this great fabric from ebay.  It was sold as a bedspread and created in India. The fabric is a great weight and worked up very nicely.   The bed even has two pillow cases that arrived with it that match.   The shade moves up and down and does exactly what was needed for our home but I have to say it took some doing to figure it all out. At one point I had cords going everywhere trying to figure it all out.

During the cold days here in Missouri I decided to finish this dresser and make it part of our bedroom. It had all the lines I loved when I saw it at auction. Here it is after I finished it in wedding white. I know beautiful wood should not be painted but it is the color I so wanted to have it be.  So I apologize to all the natural wood lovers.  Now I have that Perfect place for my grandchildren and children’s pictures and with little Isabella sitting watch to guard everything.


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